The Art of Giving

Give your love to others, don't spend it on yourself.

Give your hearts good treasures, don't hoard it on the shelf.

Give a word of comfort, give a helping hand.

Give where it is needed.  Try to understand.

Give the best that's in you, to the job you do.

Give the world your blessings and it blesses you.

Give your life to something that is well worthwhile.

Give - and never ever forget to give a smile.



People who know how to brighten a day,

With heartwarming smiles and with kind words they say,

People who know how to gently impart

The comfort it takes to cheer someone's heart.

People who know how to willingly share,

Who know how to give and who know how to care,

Who know how to let all their warm feelings show

Are people that others feel lucky to know.



What! Give again I cried in dismay,

Must I always be giving and giving away.

Yes! replied the angel looking me through,

Give only while G-d keeps giving to you.