A is Aquarius, Age of Achieving

The Absolute pact with the Angels of Air.

B is for Birth, the Beginning of Breathing,

and Binding the soul to the Body with Care.


C is the Cosmos, unfolding its beauty -

Creation of Color with man as the Crown.

D is Devotion of Doing one's Duty,

Displaying Delight till the Day has gone Down.


E is the Eye, the Entrance of Eden.

with Ecstasy Ending all Ego and pride.

F is for Faith, Facing man to the Fountain,

there Finding Fulfillment and Freedom abide.


G is for God, Generating Great Glory

And Giving us Goodness and infinite Grace.

H is for Heaven, for Humble and Holy;

for Harmony Hallowing each Human Race.


I is Internal, the way of the sages,

for Incense, Inspiring and never amiss.

J is the Journey to Joy through the ages,

and Joining Jehovah for ever in Bliss.


K is the Knowledge that starts meditation,

The Key to the Kingdom at `breath-taking speed.

L is the Light, Lifting to Liberation;

for Love and for Life at the Lord's lotus feet.


M is the Mission of Mystical Marriage,

When Mind has been Mastered my Music divine.

N is the Name sustaining our carriage,

With Nectar, the Natural free-flowing wine.


O is for offering Oneself to the Ocean,

Obtaining escape from the Orbit of sins.

P is the Path to the Pearl of Perfection;

The Palace of peace and the Powerful Prince.


Q is the Question in Quest of the Quiet,

That Quenches and Quickens the heart to a cure.

R is Reality, Resting in Rapture -

The Rose in Reflection to Radiantly pure.


S is the Soul, Shunning all worldly pleasure,

through Silence and Service Soars up to the Stars.

T is for Temple, where Truth is the Treasure,

With Thanks for all Teachers who Took us so far.


U is for Union, the Ultimate wonder,

Unveiling the Universe ever anew.

V is for Virtue and little Voice yonder,

Vibrations revealing Victorious View.


W is the Word - the unspoken Whisper;

The World Winning Wisdom obeying God's will

X is Existence for brother and sister -

Exquisite Expanse of Experience still.


Y is for Yoga (the Yolk), after Yearning,

For Years from our Youth to know justice and right.

Z is for Zeal and the Zest for all learning,

That ends zooming up into dazzling Light.