The basis of Spirituality is the Law of Karma - which in the bible is the Law of Causality - As you sow so shall you reap.


Buddha taught.  You are what you think having become what you thought.


Isaac Newton said for every action there has to be an equal opposite reaction.


Yoga believes in reincarnation and so

Our present is the result of our past actions

Our future is determined by our present actions.


Karma is not new - it is a fundamental Law of the Universe - therefore it is not an Eastern doctrine, it embraces the whole Universe.


What we need to realize is that Karma is neither good nor bad.  Karma just "is".  How we view it is our own affair.

Karma is actually the Law of Harmony.

Man is punished by his sins not for them.

Karma neither rewards nor punishes - it only restores lost harmony.


Many people consider Karma as being the punishing force for wrongs done - so consider carefully "Man is punished by his sins - not for them".