Lessons in HUGGING

Hug recipe.
  2 people, 4 arms, 2 hearts, A touch of love, a pinch of humour & and sprinkle of glee. 
Extend arms and wrap them around each other.  Clear your mind, take a good look at each other, then pull yourselves together and mix well.   Serves 2.


Hugging is Healthy.

It helps the body's immune system.

It keeps you healthier.

It cures depression.

It reduces stress.

It induces sleep.

Its invigorating.

Its rejuvenating.

It has no unpleasant side effects.

Hugging is nothing less than a miracle drug.


Hugging is all Natural.


Naturally sweet.

No pesticides.

No Preservatives.

No artificial ingredients.

100% wholesome.


Hugging is Practically Perfect.

No movable parts.                        No batteries to wear out.

No periodic checkups                   Low energy consumption.

High energy yield.                        Inflation proof.

Non fattening.                              No monthly payments.

No Insurance Requirements.         Theft proof.

Non taxable.                                 Non polluting.

          And of course fully returnable!


Caution ...Advice to beginners.

Never hug a porcupine or try to squeeze a snake, though hugging is good for most of us, use care for safety sake.

The Bull, the Shark, the Elephant are dangerous hugs for sure.

A cuddle could have side effects, for which there is no cure.

Who you should or should not hug, is often hard to tell, why if you tried to hug a skunk, you might not like the smell. 

But when it comes to human beings, just put your fear to rest, you'll find most arms are open to a simple hug request.


Hugs are Free.

Maybe that's why many people take them for granted.  If hugs did cost a lot of money, people would probably knock themselves out to make money to buy hugs.


Even though hugs are free, they aren't worth anything if they aren't used, and a hug not used is lost forever. On an affection starved planet, can we really afford to waste hugs?