While we are on this earth we're here to live life, to serve our fellowman, to learn the lessons we need to learn and to grow.  To improve ourselves in whatever way we choose - remembering we have free choice.

Life is a challenge                         Meet it
Life is a struggle                          Accept it
Life is an adventure                      Dare it
Life is sorrow                               Overcome it
Life is a tragedy                           Face it
Life is a duty                                 Perform it
Life is a game                                Play it
Life is a mystery                           Unfold it
Life is a song                                Sing it
Life is bliss                                  Take it
Life is an opportunity                    Utilize it
Life is a dream                              Realize it
Life is a journey                            Complete it
Life is a promise                           Fulfill it
Life is a love                                 Enjoy it
Life is a beauty                             Praise it