Seek truth in meditation, not in moldy books.

Look in the sky to find the moon, not in the pond.


The message is:

Many people are great readers.  They can quote pages of words, they seem to know so much on a particular subject, but how much are they really only quoting from memory of what they have read, and how much is their own experience.


90% of our lives are spent using other peoples thoughts and only 10% our own experience, and in yoga we try to change this, and use our own intuition and experience.  In fact you could say Yoga is do'ism.


If you look for the moon in a pond you may be surprised because there may be many ponds of water around and you'll find there are just as many moons reflected, not just in the one.  Now you know that this is an illusion, and so much of what we see is illusion, so seek reality or truth (that which never changes).  And you won't find it through the 5 senses in the world around us, but from within, by centering or meditating.


Let the inward mind see.

Let the inward ear hear.

Enter the inner chamber and shut the door.