Stop expecting too much of yourself, and you could be a much more serene person.

Here are some tips to do just that:


  1. List your expectations and decide which of them are valuable and realistic.

  2. Postpone all important decisions until the last possible moment.  If you make decisions too far in advance, you prevent spontaneity and keep yourself from using new information.

  3. Don't be afraid of failure.  By expecting to succeed at everything, you are allowing the expectations of others to influence you.  View all experiences as enriching, whether they are successful or not.

  4. Give up your old image of the way you were.  If you cling to what you used to be yesterday you limit what you are today.

  5. Have faith in yourself and your capabilities.  You've come this far, you're not going to ruin your life now.

  6. Don't expect anything from other people. Enjoy people the way they are.  Don't try to change them to suit yourself.

  7. Keep your plans flexible.  If your plans go awry, don't become frustrated.  Accept whatever happens as an opportunity to have a new type of experience.

  8. Don't be limited by the opinions of others.  You alone have to live with your decisions.

  9. If you live your life to fulfill the expectations of others, you will lose your self-respect.


                                                                                                    Dr. Frederick P. Lenz.