You are waiting to do something.  The thing you are waiting to do is important.  It may affect your whole life.  Great, good fortune may come out of it.  But on the other hand there is an element of risk about it.  It may cause unpleasantness - it may mess things up.  And, also, you've delayed.  Of course you intend to do it someday BUT YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT TO COME.


Some day when its perfectly convenient - when it won't cause complications, when you're sure, absolutely sure, that everything is okay then you'll do it.


NO. You won't.  You'll never do it at that time, for that time never comes. The ideal time for action never does come.  Not for anyone.  No human step has ever been taken that was 100% wise, safe, pleasant and convenient.  There's always good reason against doing anything.  There are as often as many reasons against doing  a thing as there are for doing it.  And if you "stop, look and listen" to all those reasons, you'll never go ahead.  But shouldn't you look at both sides of the question?  You should.  You should take every point into consideration;  investigate every danger; size up the probable profit and the probable price.  You should do this  thoroughly.  Then you should either fish or cut bait.


If you keep enumerating all the dangers to yourself, you'll never do anything else but wait.  Each new resume of the dangers ahead will chill and muddle and frighten you the more.  Of course you can alibi this by calling it "caution", but it is not caution, its cowardice.


If there is something you should do and you know you should do it - DO IT, DO IT RIGHT NOW, STOP STALLING.