WHAT YOU SOW YOU REAP by Swami Sivananda.


There was a saint who took up his abode in a cave by the side of a jungle path.  He was very industrious by nature.  He collected boulders from all around the cave, raised a platform and protecting enclosure.  By ceaseless work he soon made the wild dwelling into a perfect miniature fort.  He cleared all the surrounding space except for one boulder in front of the cave.  He came to be called The Saint Associated with Rocks.


As he was a great person, many people came to see him.  When aspirants frequently asked for his blessings, he kept quiet.  But if anyone pressed him too much for his blessings, he would turn to the little rampart built by him and say -"see, this is the result of exertion and industry."  Then he would lead his visitor to the solitary stone and pointing to it, say:

"Well you want my blessings.  There, look at that stone.  It is receiving regularly my blessings, three times a day.  I bless it daily at morning, noon and dusk.  But I find it in the same condition as before.  This is all that my blessings have done, and That (pointing to the ramparts) is the product of application and effort."


"Are you waiting to get blessings from Saints, without making some self-effort?  Blessings are always there, but unless you are ready to mould yourself, blessings are as useful as  a staff and shoes to a traveler who does not care to march ahead."