Being Human, a good human being is the most important thing in the world.

People live longer and longer but not always more happily.
They begin by working in order to live and end up working and forgetting to live.

They have understood nothing. They believe that human happiness lies in working hard and earning a lot, in order to have plenty of comfort and free time, to eat well and live long.  How can people in this age of so much science be so thick?

Guard against it.  You are not a machine, built for some purpose.  You are more than your function, more than your post, job, work.

First and foremost you are a human being, here to live, laugh and love.  To be a good human being is the only really important thing in this world.

When you have grown tired of chasing stars, to bring some light to people in the night, then sit down in silence and listen to the well-spring.  When you go deep enough into the heart of things, you get eyes to see invisible things and ears to hear inaudible things.

These words brought to mind some other beautiful words that for me explain the whole experience of ‘Centering’ (or turning within).

        Close your eyes and you will see clearly
        Cease to listen and you will hear truth
        Be silent, your heart will sing
        Seek no contact and you will find union
        Be still, you will move forward on the tide of spirit
        Be gentle, you will need no strength
        Be humble and you will remain entire